Kraków, Poland


St. Mary’s Basilica, Kraków, Poland.

Welcome to St Mary’s Cathedral, located in the main Rynek (town square) in Kraków, and home of the infamous trumpet player. Built in the 14th century, the cathedral is full of beautiful designs on its walls and ceilings, such as this one.  Even more famous is the trumpeter, who, legend has it, played a tune called the Hejnał Mariacki, in 1241 to warn the city of the Mongol Invasion. Supposedly, he was shot in the throat before finishing the song – hence why, when the trumpet’s tune is played every hour (which it still is to this day), it cuts off mid-song (simulating the brave but unfortunate trumpeter’s demise). Unfortunately, there’s a small fee to take photos inside the cathedral, which seemed odd to me. At any rate, I didn’t have any change with me. So, I took a furtive photo, hence the weird angle. I actually like it even more like this!

4 thoughts on “Kraków, Poland

    • Really? Where are you headed? Glad more and more people are interested in visiting! I lived there a year and saw a good chunk of the country (though still missed out on some!) Krakow, Gdansk + Marlbork Castle, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Torun…?

      Polish is certainly one of the hardest languages I’ve tried to pronounce, but people luckily speak some English.
      –dziekuje bardzo (jeh-koo-ya bard-zoh) = “thank you!”
      –dobry dzien (dohb-ray jinn) = hello
      –mowic po angielsku? (moh-veech poh an-gell-sko?) = “Speak English?” People will love you for it.

      Have fun!!

  1. Warsaw for a weekend, then staying with a friend who lives in Poznan, then Krakow 🙂 I would love to visit Gdansk too but it’s a bit out of the way which is a shame – hoping to go there next summer!!
    I only recently found out that ‘Wroclaw’ isn’t actually pronounced ‘Row-claw’ as I had been saying (whoopsy…), the Polish language completely baffles me!! I think I’ll try and memorize ‘thank you’ then rely on my friend, who is a native speaker, to translate anything else!!!

    • Great! I hope you like it! Both Poznan and Krakow are very pretty 🙂 Warsaw takes longer to appreciate, but the Stary Miasto (old town) is still quite nice. Wilanow (palace) is pretty too. Nowy Swiat is the place people usually go out (or the river, if its warm). You can go to E. Wedel if you like chocolate! Lots of quirks like the Stadium, the Palace of Culture that we all hate, Palm Tree, Dom Kereta (world’s thinnest house). Make sure to try pierogies, you can go to a milk bar (“bar mleczny”) for cheap Polish food, Plac Zbawiciela for Charlotte’s (a nice cafe).

      It you didn’t already know about it, Polskibus is great (and cheap) way to get around Poland; I much prefer it to the train! not only is it more cost-effective, but you can take it as a night bus, it has wifi, you definitely have a seat, and I think it’s more comfortable. Obviously, I like Poland, so feel free to ask any questions!

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