Tallinn, Estonia

talllinn birds

Tallinn, Estonia

Why don’t people come here? As much as I love places like London and Paris and Madrid, there is more than just these few places in Europe that are breathtaking and spectacular…and Tallinn is certainly wonderful. Europe is a popular honeymoon destination (Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Roma), but places like Tallinn or Prague or Budapest need to be on that list. Tallinn is old – and beautiful, maybe more beautiful than Europe’s ‘traditional’ Aphrodite’s. Several kilometres of city wall remain, grey stone topped with red, turreted roofs. The cobble-stoned streets that overlook the blue Baltic sea makes the city charming, lovable. This is a place one can fall in love.  Like these doe-eyed pigeons, this is the kind of place I’d rather spend my honeymoon – quiet, relaxing, beautiful, historic, friendly. The old town is a UNESCO world heritage site. The town square is positively medieval. There is a darkened tavern in the city centre that serves authentic elf soup that patrons drink out of clay pots (no spoons allowed). Estonia has a pulse that you rarely find, and it is easily one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

8 thoughts on “Tallinn, Estonia

  1. The people they are coming! Recently, I’ve been to a wedding in Prague. It’s flooded with tourists, also one who specifically come there to get married. Estonia gets more tourist arrivals (per capita) than France! Beware what you wish for…

    • Perhaps. Though all of my American friends asked me how Russia was, and I had to explain where Estonia was on the map. (When I announced I was moving to Lyon, people also asked what country that was in). Most people from N America or western Europe seem to have visited only the UK, Spain, France and Italy…many say they are too scared to go someplace they “don’t know the language,” not seeming to get that most Europeans speak some English, no matter how many times I tell them!

  2. Perhaps its me who’s living too long in the Netherlands, the most traveling nation in Europe. If you can get there in a campervan, the Dutch will be there. So my peception is a bit influence by the people I live amongst.

  3. Well, I haven’t been to the Netherlands yet, but I am moving to France in 2 weeks (supposedly the most visited country in the world!), which will be quite a change from living in Poland where nobody visits! But I’m originally from America, who tend to get in a car and drive to various relatives who live several hours away, or else drive to the nearest beach for “holidays.” My British friends think that driving from London to Edinburgh is crazy far (+/- 7 h)–why would you drive so far that!?–but Americans will easily do 6 hours for a road trip to NYC or Florida etc. It’s all relative!

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