Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


Carefree in the Albufera, Spain

Okay, so it seems others are doing this, and I thought I’d give it a try because it looks like an interesting, amusing little project. I mean, it’s only once a week, right? It will be fun to try to match a photo to a word! This week’s word is ‘carefree,’ so this is what I dug up. This is the Albufera, an estuary in Spain not far from Valencia. Two Spanish lovers sit on the edge of the dock, patiently awaiting the next boat to take them into the estuary. The small rowboats, which can hold maybe 10 people, are driven by pescadores, or local fishermen, and for a few euros, they will give you a quiet tour of the swamp. While it’s a relaxing getaway from the hubbub of Valencia, it’s no picnic getting there! Prepare to take several yellow buses before leaving the city behind, entering countryside, and winding up in this pretty little estuary.


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