Accordion Player in Warsaw, Poland


An accordion player in Warsaw, Poland

There’s something romantic about walking through an old city and hearing the twinkling sounds of an accordion gliding through the streets. Accordions are romantic, remainders of bygone times. As you walk through Plac Zamkowy, the centre of Warsaw’s Old Town, you might stumble across this accordion player and momentarily be transported back in time. There was once a time when Warsaw was a beautiful city, a reigning queen. Of course, like the rest of Poland, WWII destroyed it. The Poles rebuilt their capital city from the fallen rubble to resemble what it once was, though outside of the the very centre, one must use one’s imagination. Yet, little details like horse-drawn carriages, little cafes, and the accordion player all help to remind the wayward traveller of what this Eastern European once was.

2 thoughts on “Accordion Player in Warsaw, Poland

  1. I hope so! So few people actually travel to Eastern Europe and the whole of Poland barely gets a mention (sometimes Krakow makes the travel list). But Eastern Europe has so many jewels to discover! And its easy to travel because it’s fairly cheap and nearly everybody in the cities speak English 🙂

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