“Hues of You”: Peñiscola, Spain


Peñiscola, Spain

What comes to mind when you’re caught getting this birds-eye view of Spanish roofs? Lots of things: olives, fiestas, sangria, the tango, beaches, paella, terracotta, tapas, ancient architecture, the Spanish language, glasses of wine. Spain is a place that should be part of every person’s life. You don’t have to live there like I did; merely taking a leaf out of their cheerful, orange-y playbook is enough. The Spanish comprehend the Meaning of Life better than most of us…well, perhaps not the reason we’re here, or anything that profound, but they do understand something very important that most of us routinely forget: we’ve only got, at most, 100 years of consciousness on this earth, so why squander it doing things we don’t like? The Spanish may not understand the meaning of national debt or a strong economy, but they sure know how to eat, drink, sing, dance, travel, talk, cook and shop—at any given moment of our 24-hour day. Work comes second; life comes first. Maybe it’s not the richest country, but they sure are one of the happiest. Even though I’m not cut out for life as a émigré Spanish girl—I sure as hell am cut out for enjoying life like the Spanish. So I guess my hue is a lovely, vibrant…orange.


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