Sforza Castle, Milan, Italy


Sforza Castle, Milan, Italy

So perhaps Milan is not the most beautiful of all the Italian cities. But you know what? It’s certainly one of the nicest. It doesn’t have Rome’s dirtiness, it doesn’t have Venice’s massive influx of tourists or Florence’s intensely long lines, and it has plentiful amenities that all those cute little Italian 2,000-person paradises don’t have. Milan is a decent-sized city that is, unfortunately, rather ignored. It shouldn’t be. Milan is a lovely place.  Here, for example, is Sforza Castle, a 15th century fortification built by the Duke of Milan, Francesco Sforza, on the remains of a 14th construction. When Italy was finally unified in the 19th century, it was transferred from military to cultural usage, now housing several of the city’s museums. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci (who frescoed several rooms along with Bernardio Zenale and Bernadino Butinone) and Bramante, who added frescoes in the Sala del Tesoro, have contributed to Sforza. After obtaining the castle, the city turned its grounds into a park, hence these two bikers. Italians, as do most Europeans, love to get around town on two wheels as opposed to four – perhaps accounting for their overall general state of healthiness!

2 thoughts on “Sforza Castle, Milan, Italy

  1. They say, for every church in Rome there’s a bank in Milan but the Duomo is magnificent. I’ve heard you can gain roof access for some spectacular architectural shots.

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