Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic


Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

If you haven’t been to Prague, then you are certainly missing out. Yes it’s true, so many others have decided to make the trip that you will be up to the neck in tourists (even in December, when this photo was taken). But is that a reason to miss out for a chance to see a contender for Most Beautiful European City? (tied with Tallinn, Brugge, and  perhaps Budapest, though Prague is the frontrunner). The Charles Bridge, with construction beginning in 1357 under King Charles IV, was originally called the Stone Bridge or Prague Bridge; the name wasn’t changed until 1870. In fact, the bridge was the only means to cross the Vltava River up until 1841. Clearly, it was–and is–full of people, but traversing the bridge is also a wonderful experience. A way to avoid the crowds would be to be an early riser and get out there to photograph the famous bridge before the other tourists awaken–quite the opposite of this photo taken at high noon. Evening is also a lovely time for a stroll. No matter how or when you cross the Charles Bridge, it will still be beautiful.

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