Tallinn, Estonia


Tallinn, Estonia

A Baltic gem. The Baltic Gem. Any interest in seeing what a beautifully preserved medieval city with Hanseatic buildings, all hardly touched by modern times, while still full of life and culture looks like? Go to Tallinn. Capital of a little country hidden away in the north-eastern corner of Europe, Tallinn is a city that doesn’t make many travel itineraries. Its popularity is growing, but at the moment, it is still a quiet city full of beautiful architecture recognised by UNESCO by day—and crazy street parties by night. While living under various foreign influences for large chunks of its’ history, the Estonians have persisted, and eventually received their independence in 1918-20 (which was lost to the Nazis and the Soviets but regained in 1991). Tallinn is a symbol of strength and resistance, a symbol of the Estonians’ reverence to their own history, art, language, and traditions, and a symbol of freedom, of independence, of culture.

2 thoughts on “Tallinn, Estonia

  1. Absolutely beautiful photo. Did you take it? What camera do you use, if I might ask?
    Tallinn is a popular destination for Finns and people living in Finland as there are cruise ships operating frequently between the countries. I have been to Tallinn once and really liked the old town too. But I have just been to the old town as we were on a cruise tour from Helsinki and stopped in Tallinn just for an afternoon. I want to see more of the country. The Baltics is an interesting region.

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