Antwerp, Belgium


Antwerp, Belgium

Certainly one of Europe’s prettiest squares is Antwerp’s central Grote Markt—even though outside of this small “island” forming the Old Town, Antwerp is less beautiful, having been swept up by kebab stands and littered streets. But the old town centre is still…perfection. Standing amongst these amazing Flemish guild houses is enough to take one’s breath away! Not only that, but Antwerp’s market square rivals with those of Eastern Europe—which is where you find some of the prettiest squares in Europe! (Note: Poland, Prague, Budapest, Tallinn etc. If you don’t believe me, check out some of the archives). Regardless of the unfortunate Invasion of the Kebab Stands (a very contagious and ugly virus spreading throughout the continent), Antwerp’s Grote Markt is as pretty as it gets!

5 thoughts on “Antwerp, Belgium

    • Eh. I still don’t like those kebab stands… Even though the old town is really pretty and lovely, I really was under-impressed with Antwerp as a whole. I think a lot of it had to to with the feeling of division between the old and modern parts…I think Ghent is much nicer overall! (Wait for photos…!)

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