St Andrew’s Castle, Scotland


Ruins of St Andrew’s Castle, Scotland

Nothing beats a good set of ruins! In all seriousness, sometimes what has been left to crumble away is just as important as what has been redone and rebuilt. And when it comes to castles, often the most romantic castles, the most picturesque, the most spectacular are the ones quietly deteriorating – especially in Scotland. Case in point, imagine Dunnottor Castle on its cliff-side peninsula, Stirling Castle in the rugged hills, Eilean Donan Castle (the most photographed castle in Scotland) on its beautiful loch, and of course, St Andrews castle itself on the beach. Circa 1200, the St Andrew’s Castle was sacked, destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed, rebuilt, burned, sacked, rebuilt, etc., as the Scots and the English often clashed and continually took their disagreements to the battlefield. Today, the ruins border nearby St Andrews University (the oldest university in Scotland and also the institution that educated Prince William and Kate Middleton), while overlooking the shores of the North Sea, whose waves quietly lap the base of the castle’s cliffs. The ruins are quite beautiful in a crumbly, “everything falls apart,” romantic sort of way.

4 thoughts on “St Andrew’s Castle, Scotland

  1. Couldn’t agree more!

    I used to live just across the road from the castle in St Andrews. Castle Sands frequently became my reading room on sunny days, and party space on summer nights. We spent the summer solstice sitting round a bonfire on this beach, with the ruined castle overhead silhouetted against the not-quite-dark sky:

    Definitely a beautiful place – and a photo that makes me want to go back. Thanks for posting! 🙂

  2. No problem! I love ruined castles! Actually my sister and a few of my friends live here (they go to the uni), though I have to admit that I’ve only visited that one time, before she even started classes at uni. I should probably go back sometime… 🙂

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