Gdansk, Poland


Green Gate, Gdansk, Poland

The Brama Zielona, as it is called in Polish, towers over the far end of the Long Market (differing from most Polish market squares which are typically square in shape, often with the city hall or some other monument in the centre). The Gate was built in 1568-71 as a residence for the Polish monarchy, and was inspired by Antwerp’s City Hall (in the linked photo, the city hall is to the far left-hand side; google it for further views). This tie to the Belgian city also explains the Flemish influence in the Poland’s Baltic gem. Now a museum of Polish history, it even includes the second president of post-Communist Poland’s office. After traversing Gdansk’s beautiful Long Market, step through the magnificent Brama Zielona to enjoy the city’s beautiful waterfront on the Motława River!

3 thoughts on “Gdansk, Poland

  1. Gdańsk is really good place to visit. If we get hungry, we can visit there Szafarnia 10- restaurant with an amazing atmosphere and great menu. There are live lobsters, fine Baltic fish and venison. Besides, we can linsten to good music during the frequent concerts.

  2. I definitely love Gdansk! I lived in Warsaw, so I am a little biased towards Warsaw, but in general, Polish cities are all so amazing 🙂 I’ll have to try out that restaurant the next time I visit!!

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