Gnome statues in Wrocław, Poland


Gnomes in Wrocław, Poland 

I spy with my little eye…a gnome in the sunrise? That’s right, that there is a gnome. And over there, there’s another—and another! As you spy more and more gnomes, you may be tempted to start a gnome scavenger hunt – and this beautiful city in western Poland is full of little gnome statues. However, reader beware – at last count, there were over 250 of them! But why are they here? The first gnome was installed on Świdnicka Street, commemorating the “Orange Alternative” movement, based in Wroclaw, whose main goal was to oppose the authoritarian communist regime through peaceful protest. The gnome was their symbol (vying to represent the little man?), and in 2001, the Orange Alternative group became one of the few instances in which a rebellion group has been honoured by the local government. Now, the gnomes are a city tradition, art installation, and tourist attraction, and their numbers continue to rise. So, good luck and happy gnome hunting!



5 thoughts on “Gnome statues in Wrocław, Poland

  1. I visited Wrocław last spring and really enjoyed seeing some (not all) of these gnomes and being surprised by them from time-to-time. For the dedicated gnome fans, they do sell a map. 😉

    • Me too! I actually didn’t know about the gnomes before visiting Wrocław–I was thoroughly confused when my Polish friend said “happy gnome hunting” to me before I left–I took it as a lost-in-translation moment until I realised there actually WERE gnomes there! But it certainly made my exploration of the city even more fun every time I found one.

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