Cliffs in Ronda, Spain


Ronda, Spain – a ‘split second story’

What a story! Today, I received the fantastic news that’ll be spending the summer working in Spain, including a second visit to Ronda! So, it seems only fitting I highlight this beautiful place. Literally split in two by a massive cliff (Ha, you see what I did there?), Ronda is the capital of the Pueblos Blancos region of Andalucia (southern Spain). And Ronda is, how to put it? Drop-dead beautiful! The white cliff dwellings are picture-perfect, the atmosphere is chill, the sun is shinning, the sangria is pouring. Ronda has the heart of a village – and the size of a town! Obviously, the canyon, El Tajo, is what truly makes this town stand out. A famous scene in Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls relates how Fascist sympathisers were tossed off a cliff in a fictional Spanish town during the Civil War (1936-9) – and many claim that Hemingway used Ronda as a model for his fictional story. Since their execution down the cliff sides would’ve been pretty quick, I guess you can say they also had a “split-second story” as well! But despite any falling Fascists….Ronda is one of the prettiest Spanish towns–and that’s saying a lot!



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