Dalmatian Coast in Bosnia & Herzegovina


Neum and the Dalmatian Coast in Bosnia & Herzegovina

What do you know about Bosnia? Probably the war, probably a vague knowledge of its geographic position as “somewhere in Eastern Europe,” probably that it once was part of Yugoslavia, probably not much else. But did you know that this little-landlocked country isn’t landlocked? The town of Neum actually splits Croatia in two (anyone driving from Dubrovnik to Split must pass through it). It’s certainly true that, even just passing through, one can see the socioeconomic difference between these two Balkan countries; Croatia has a certain shine to it that Bosnia does not–but that doesn’t stop the view from being gorgeous! While Mostar is probably Bosnia’s crown jewel, it’s still exciting to pass through this small town and take a moment to remember all this little country has been through in recent years. While one day, I’d love to visit the beautiful Mostar and its famous bridge, for now, I can make due with Bosnia’s little slice of the Dalmatian Coast!

4 thoughts on “Dalmatian Coast in Bosnia & Herzegovina

  1. I went to Mostar on a daytrip by coach from Dubrovnik, and we stopped for a rest at Neum (along with nearly every other bus on that stretch of road). I’d loved to have stayed for longer than the half hour we were there – it was so cheap compared to Croatia, even at a tourist trap service station! Did you stay for long?

    • Ashamed to say that it was the same for us as it was for you! My friend and I stopped along the way from Dubrovnik to Split for 20 mins or so. (You have to stop for passport control anyway, so we got out and stretched our legs/had a mini photoshoot before continuing on.) I would really like to go to Mostar (we should’ve gone then!) but now that I’m living on the other side of Europe, it will have to wait!

      • It will be well worth it when you get there, but try to stay the night if you can – it’s full of day trippers (like me) in the day but I bet it’s lovely once they’ve all left!

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