Chambéry, France


Place Saint Leger, Chambéry, France

From farmer’s markets to flea markets, ice cream stands to creperies, from sunshine to rainy days, Place Saint Leger has seen it all. Chambéry is a small yet beautiful French town not far from the Italian border and comfortably close to the French Alps. On a clear day, the Alps are clearly visible; on a rainy day, you can just make them out in the fog. The air is cooler and crisper than in larger nearby cities like Lyon or Torino. It’s surprisingly colourful here, as if Poland’s vibrant market squares have been transported to Western Europe and imposed upon a French city. Despite its small size and vaguely-remote location, Chambéry is a bustling mini-metropolis. Street after street exudes colours from their painted facades. Neighbours stop to chat, tourists wander the streets in small groups, cafes fill with patrons. Everywhere, there is an air of tranquility. This is a place where one eats heartily, walks slowly, breathes clearly, and relaxes entirely.


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