Wrocław, Poland


Rynek of Wrocław, Poland

Glittering, colourful, elegant. Poland has been getting more and more tourism attention recently. Cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk have made several “Where to go in 2014” lists. Krakow’s main square was recently voted “Most beautiful market square” by Lonely Planet–a huge honour! And Wrocław was ranked third on the list, “ Top 10 beautiful places you’ve never heard of” by Places Must Seen. Perhaps Poland’s best-kept secret, Wrocław (pronounced “Vrah-tswav”) is slowly coming out of its shell. The city is a university town, and like many such towns, the vast numbers of students keep the city young and vibrant. It has a mixed history, as it was once part of Germany (called ‘Breslau’). After the war, when Poland’s borders shifted west and they lost the eastern frontier to Ukraine, the citizens of the now-Ukrainian town of L’vov were displaced all the over to the recently-vacated-by-the-Germans town of Wrocław–bringing with them tradition, cuisine, and culture from the Ukraine. It is normal to spot several “Ukrainian cuisine” restaurants here. The Rynek itself is–as the other website rated it–one of the Europe’s most beautiful cities, like a canvas splashed in ink. Bathed in early morning sunlight, the vivid colours and clear plazas become more spectacular.

12 thoughts on “Wrocław, Poland

  1. Beautiful shot and beautiful city! The center has been wonderfully restored and I have very good memories from the couple of days I was lucky enough to spend there. People were very kind and welcoming too… the only thing is that it was in the middle of the winter and it was really cold! I think I’ll have to renew the experience… maybe in the fall! Would it be a good time?

    • Glad you liked it! I understand; I visited both Poznan (also Poland) and Prague in mid-winter (December and January respectively), and while I enjoyed both, the cold and snowstorms hindered the experience a little.

      I visited Wroclaw in mid-spring (May), and the weather was lovely; I imagine early fall should have similar weather. Be sure to get up and see the city sparkling in the early morning sunlight and before the streets are full of people! It’s certainly a charming town!

      • If it was nice and welcoming in the middle of the winter, I can imagine and pleasant and lively it must be during the other seasons… besides, people must be particularly happy when the harsh cold is gone!

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