Madrid, Spain


Madrid, Spain

No matter when you visit Madrid, you are guaranteed sun and heat–even during a sunset such as this. While this makes a nice change from places where it rains or snows often, or others where it is cold most of the year, it can sometimes be too hot. However, the Spanish lifestyle is adapted to work around the heat. Most businesses are closed at midday and this time is instead set aside for eating. In Spain, mealtime is a sacred time of day. Mealtime is for eating, socializing, enjoying life, and you can in no way force a Spaniard to curtail this sacred ‘moment’ (which can sometimes last 3 hours!). Another way to escape the heat is to move everything back a few hours so that dinner is now later, around 10 pm. ‘Afternoon’ activities–like a stroll through the park, a beer at a bar, a quick shopping trip to the mall, dinner on a terrace, etc…this is all done during twilight or even after night falls. While still hot, this at least eliminates too much direct sunlight. Some would even say that twilight is the loveliest time of day!

4 thoughts on “Madrid, Spain

  1. Came across your post, and I’m currently living in a tiny village here I’m Spain! Think the siesta hours are strict in Madrid? Lol READ my post about “10 things I’ve learned about life in a Spanish Pueblo.” These (very lucky) people literally don’t wort. With that said, isn’t Madrid just the most beautiful city?! I’ll be moving there next year and can’t wait 🙂

    Oh, and check out my food guide for Madrid (and other places all over Spain) if your still there!!!

    • Yes I know–I used to live in Puerto de Sagunto (near Valencia), and spent this summer working as an English teacher in Ronda as well as up in Cantabria. Food, drink and siestas are an important part of life everywhere! I’m in France now but I will certainly check out your blog ! Good luck in your village and in Madrid–it’s a fun city! Visit Valencia for Las Fallas (celebrated at the beginning of Spring) for a really cool festival!

      • I’m actually already booked to go to Las Fallas! I can’t wait!! I’ll most definitely be writing up an article about that, so you can vicariously go again and live through my post 🔥😁

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