Antwerp, Belgium


Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is a diamond in the rough. No, seriously–this little Belgian town is Europe’s diamond capital. Fun fact: supposedly, the amount of diamonds in the world isn’t as small as they’d want us to believe–diamond epicenters like Antwerp apparently limit the number of available diamonds in order to keep prices high and create the illusion of supply and demand. But even outside the diamond shops, (in the area around the beautiful, art nouveau train station) Antwerp is worth a quick stop when already in the area to visit beautiful Bruges and hipster Ghent! It’s funky, full of chocolate and Belgian waffle shops, and downtown walking the cobbled streets under the shadow of the cathedral spire, one can find plenty of charming places for a Belgian beer. Unusual meets traditional here in this little-known Belgian city otherwise known as the European diamond mine.


3 thoughts on “Antwerp, Belgium

    • Well I’m referencing the expression that basically states that something has characteristics that make it special but lacks the final touches to make it stand out. In Antwerp’s case, not only is it dwarfed by the reputation of Bruges and Brussels but the city itself is (to me) a little “rough,” especially the district near the train station, which is a bit dirty, full of kebab stands and trashcans that seemed not to be emptied very often. Compared to Bruges and Ghent (as well as other similar-sized cities I’ve visited), Antwerp didn’t seem as…finished. Of course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my time there!

      • I’ve recently been to Antwerp myself and my impression was rather different, perhaps because I haven’t been to the station district. Maybe it also has to do with that Antwerp is much larger than Ghent and Bruges, and its a huge port.

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