Dijon, France


Dijon, France

Known for its mustard, we often forget that this name also signifies a charming French town. Dijon is a maze of cobbled streets, wallpapered with wattle-and-daub striped facades. Dijon does not have the splendour of Paris, the bouchons of Lyon, or the coziness of a Provincial village. What it does have instead is the gentle calm of the countryside mixed with the elegance found in French cities; small town quaintness found with French splendour. Another bonus,  it is at the entrance of the Beaujolais (known for its splendid red wines), on the route that carries traffic north-south, with gastronomy capital Lyon not too far away. One of the symbols of the town is an owl (inspired by a sculpture of an owl found on the cathedral; touching it supposedly brings luck); but now, it is your guide to the city. Follow the little owls all over town to discover Dijon’s charms!

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One thought on “Dijon, France

  1. I have to admit, I didn’t know what a Bouchon is … “a type of restaurant found in Lyon, that serves traditional cuisine, such as sausages, duck pâté or roast pork … the dishes are quite fatty and heavily oriented around meat.”

    Now I have another reason to visit!

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