Linz, Austria

Linz trainA.jpg

Linz, Austria

Home of the Linzer Torte (a kind of pie or pastry), the Austrian city stays largely off the tourism radar – with the exception of this little yellow train. Yet, Linz is quietly bustling – it is city where the wayward traveler is guaranteed to meet the “behind-the-scenes” Austrians (as opposed to those working directly in the tourism industry). People come, and people go (talking of Michelangelo? You’ll get the joke if you’re a literature nerd!). They go to school, they go to work. They stroll in the park with their families, they have a beer on a terrace, they shop in stores in the town centre, they wander along the river banks, they play fetch with their dogs in the grass. This is not a tourist city. This is a real city where you will catch a look “backstage” look at what it means to be Austrian.

3 thoughts on “Linz, Austria

  1. There is also a dark side of Linz history. Hitlker lived at Humboldtstrasse 31 in the heart of Linz when he was 16 years old. Back then it was a small town with only 55,000 people. Hitler called Linz the most German of all the cities in Austria. Later, in 1938, from the tiny balcony in front of the Rathaus, Hitler proclaimed the Greater German Reich (Großdeutsches Reich) after the Anschluss with Austria.

    • Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful places have a dark history…Paris, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Munich all come to mind. Humans have always done great things but they have also always done awful things as well. I think its important to remember the past as a historical fact in order to focus on progress instead of regress, but it’s also important to live in the here and now, and to consider the future. A place cannot be held responsible for human actions (as much as we tend to do this, myself included). Though it’s important to know the dark history, the Linz of today is still a beautiful city and merits a visit 🙂

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