Village of Olliergues, France

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Medieval Village of Olliergues, France

The Middle Ages left their architectural mark well and good on France. One of the many examples is the charming village of Olliergues, located in the rural and forgotten region of Auvergne, in the very centre of France. Surrounded by a crown of volcanoes, Olliergues is snuggled into the rolling green countryside, far from the ritz and glam of the modern world. Here, lives are lived much as they’ve always been. Villagers get their bread from the local boulangerie every morning, they drink their coffees in the cafes, they work in the fields or the little commerces. Children are walked to school. A dog barks, a cat streaks by. Here, tucked away in one of the most rural counties in France – and one of the most rural parts of that county – life is quieter, calmer. It is a good place to go to lose yourself. In the heart of the Livradois Forez Regional Natural Park, a huge chunk of protected woodland, farmland, and tiny communes (roughly 150), Olliergues is a good base for hiking, biking and other outdoors sports. Though the village has few eateries, there are plenty of places in the nearby (but far less beautiful!) town of Courpière – one of the best for tasty, local mountain cuisine is a little family-owned place, La Cave a Juliette. While in Auvergne, check out the beautiful Chateau de la Batisse, the more rugged Chateau de Murol, or the village known for its famous cheese, St Nectaire.

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3 thoughts on “Village of Olliergues, France

  1. It’s lovely to read a little eulogy on Auvergne which you so rightly describe as ‘forgotten’ … I live mostly in Cantal and I hope many are tempted by your amuse bouche to give the region a whirl!

    • My husband comes from Auvergne, and his family has a little forest retreat in Cantal, so I’ve spent a lot of time travelling in the region (I especially love le Chateau de Val…I’ll post about that in the future!). We were married in le Chateau de Chazeron so I have a special place in my heart for Auvergne!

      Sometimes forgotten places are beautiful because they are unspoilt! But I agree, it’s place more visitors to France should visit if they like medieval villages, castles, mountains and forests.

  2. A stunning place to be married and to an Auvergnat makes it highly appropriate too! I know Chateau du Val very well … I lived four years in Champs-sur-Tarentaine so effectively next door to Lanobre. It is still my go-to Disney Chateau! You are so right about forgotten meaning unspoilt. For me, it is a wish for balance … enough to keep the region alive but not so much that it gets smothered. I live at the moment in Grenoble but Cantal is home to me 🙂

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