River Saône in Lyon, France

The Rhone is the more popular – its banks popular for jogging, picnics, and even clubbing (on the boats), while the Saône is quieter, calmer, somehow more French, more Lyonnais – follow the river north for a lovely introduction to this very amazing city before wandering Lyon’s varied districts.

Musee des Confluences, Lyon, France

As the world changes and evolves, so does our sense of what makes an architectural beauty. Being subjective, the cliche holds true: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This dictum certainly holds true in the modernist and futurist architecture that peppers cities across Europe.

Fête des Lumières, Lyon, France

   Fête des Lumières, Lyon, France For four days every December Lyon gets illuminated! Back in the Middle Ages, there was a terrible plague attacking Europe and so the residents of Lyon prayed to the Vigrin Mary to spare them–and it worked. To thank her, the residents installed a statue of Mary on the hill […]

Theater of Fourvière in Lyon, France

Roman Amphitheater of Fourvière in Lyon, France The amphitheater here in Lyon is not perhaps quite as famous as the one in Rome, nor is it as complete as, say, the theaters of Nimes or Arles or any of the others. Regardless, one must admit that it’s pretty fascinating that remnants from more than 2000 years […]

Lyon, France

Lyon, France “Bouchon.” What a funny word. In French, it could mean either “cork” or “traffic jam,” “stopper” or “plug”…or  even, strangely enough, “typical Lyonnaise restaurant.” Lyon tops the list for highest concentration of restaurants as there are over 1,000 places to eat in Lyon. This, of course makes sense–Lyon is the gastronomic capital of […]

Rhône riverside in Lyon, France

View of the Rhône River in Lyon, France It’s only fitting to choose a photo of Lyon today, as the next six weeks will be spent taking a short break from France to work in rural Spain. Lyon is a beautiful city – but it is one that rarely gets put on the map. It’s also […]

View of Saône River, Vieux Lyon, France

View of Saône River, Vieux Lyon, France It’s been a long time (holidays have a way of making one lazy) but I’m back! Here we have the view from the Bonaparte Bridge crossing the Saône River in Lyon. From the bridge, you can see most of the old town and major landmarks of this amazing city. From […]

Lyon, France

Lyon, France Who doesn’t love a birds-eye view of pretty red roofs? I chose this photo of Lyon because as of about 5 hours, this will be my home for the next 11 months! Visible here is the Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste, constructed over the somewhat excessively long period between 1180 to 1480, and founded by Saint […]

“Flower Tree,” Lyon, France

“Flower Tree” in Lyon, France Walking in downtown Lyon, you’ll first find Place Bellecour, the largest open-air square in Europe (as in, the largest without obstructions in the middle of it). You’ll see Fourvière at the top on the hill—that impressive cathedral that sits next to the Roman amphitheater of the same name. If you […]

Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon, France

Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon, France Somehow, little old ladies in France can elegantly pull off wearing a bright orange suit – which is actually a pretty fantastic feat! Even outside of this lady, Lyon’s fine arts museum is full of elegance. Once a convent, this magnificent 17th century building now houses one of the most […]

Colourful Streets of Riga, Latvia

Riga is an easy place to wander and explore – Art Nouveau architecture rears up randomly throughout the city, narrow alleys wrap themselves around unique buildings, small streets open up into large squares home to impressive churches, guildhalls, markets, mansions and other magnificent edifices.

Church of Notre Dame de St Saturnin, Auvergne, France

Like a wedding cake made of overlapping layers of towering stone, the church of St Saturnin rises up dramatically into the sky. The centrepiece of the little Auvergnat village of St Saturnin, the church Notre Dame de St Saturnin is impressive in its representation of the local architectural style, “Auvergne Romanesque.”

Les Gorges d’Ardèche, France

One of the most underrated regions of France is the Ardèche, a small sun-kissed, hilly place in the south-central region of France. Actually made up of a series of gorges carved out over thousands of years by the Ardèche River, the Gorges d’Ardèche is known locally as the “European Grand Canyon.”

Marsh’s Library, Dublin, Ireland

Tucked into a shady backroad a stone’s throw from St Patrick’s Cathedral in downtown Dublin is the exquisite Marsh’s Library. This isn’t just any library. In fact, Marsh’s Library looks exactly the same as it did when infamous horror author Bram Stoker was a scholar there.

Notre Dame Gargoyles, Paris

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Church of Saint-Nicolas, Blois, France

though Blois does not have the same fairy-tale charm as the magnificent Chateau du Chenonceau, it has its own gems. One such gem is the Church of Saint-Nicolas – an impressive remnant of the Middle Ages in Northern France.