Dream Experiences

Travel-related experiences & things to do…

  • See the Northern Lights
  • Bike through the tulips in the Netherlands
  • Watch a play performed in the Globe, London
  • See the Las Fallas festival in downtown Valencia
  • Participate in the Midnight Sun [half] Marathon in Tromsø, Norway
  • Be accepted for, and start, my (bilingual…) Masters programme in Lyon!
  • Hike the GR10 the in French Pyrenees
  • Walk el Camino Santiago de Compostela in Spain/France
  • Or the Via Francegenia (Italy)
  • Bike the ViaRhona (or part of it)
  • Bastille Day fireworks by the Eiffel Tower!
  • La Fête de la Musique in any town/city in France
  • Bike France’s Loire Valley
  • See the castles of Transylvania – PLANNED FOR APRIL/MAY
  • Visit the Silk Road (places like Samakand, Bukhara, Khiva, the Doorway to Hell). Camels and caravans and mosques and palaces!
  • See a 6 Nations match (rugby)–preferably in England, or perhaps France
  • Work on a French vineyard
  • Visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
  • Hike in the Himalayas, base camp, etc with my father
  • Visit Bhutan as well…
  • Inca Trail from Cusco to Machu Picchu
  • *Attempt* skiing at a French resort (Went cross country skiing, but it still counts!)
  • Take a cooking class in Lyon, gastronomic capital du monde 
  • Go wine-tasting in France
  • See polar bears and reindeer in Svalbard (Norway)
  • See the Nazca lines in Peru
  • Visit and meditate in Tibetan monasteries
  • Go scuba-diving (USVI…)
  • Take my mother on a ancestral tour of Poland + see the Polish buffalos!
  • The Norwegian fjords (Visited the Sognefjord)
  • Walk along the Cliffs of Moher and see the Giant’s Causeway
  • Look for Nessie
  • Get a Masters degree in France (Done – Msc in Tourism Marketing & Management)
  • Watch the Tour de France live!
  • Reach Alaska & the Yukon
  • Try eating Escargot and frog legs
  • Get a Russian visa to visit St Petersburg & Moscow (to visit the cathedrals) !!!!!!!
  • Drive a car in the UK or Ireland! (Silly, I know…but…)
  • Visit a US ghost town + haunted Winchester Mystery House
  • Do a US Christmas with my French husband
  • Lagoons and geysers in Iceland
  • Hike through Icelandic parks and waterfalls
  • Explore Norway’s hidden natural regions
  • Road trip through Denmark’s Jutland!
  • Swim with a manta ray
  • Learn how to read/write Cyrillic script
  • Become fluent enough in French to have daily conversations in French
  • Become ACTUALLY fluent in French !
  • Learn how to brew your own beer (working on this…)
  • Make my own handmade leather purse
  • Visit the islands: Malta, Corsica, Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus – to hike, kayak, swim etc!
  • Drive/hike the coast of Portugal
  • Walk into an Irish pub and realise they’re all speaking Gaelic…
  • Read “La sombra del viento” in Spanish (The Shadow of the Wind) – STARTED
  • Join a book club in French & read French literary classics
  • Read “La Compte de Monte Cristo” en francais – I’ve read a dozen other books in French, but haven’t read this one yet… 
  • Bungee jump!!
  • Tour Israel
  • Visit a bone chapel
  • Boat trip to Skellig Michael!
  • Participate in a “Colour Run”
  • Be randomly upgraded to First Class without paying an extra dime
  • Ride an overnight train with couchettes and sleeping compartments did this! St Petersburg-Moscow! Had the top bunk.
  • See Klimpt’s The Kiss in Vienna
  • Visit the Louvre–saw the outside!
  • See David in the Ufitzi in Florence
  • Dan Brown’s Da Vinci tour of Paris
  • Then be kissed by my lover in front of the Eiffel Tower!! (cliches, I know…)
  • Multi-day trip hiking in the Alps
  • Sample every kind of French cheese possible
  • Attend a ball
  • See the castle that inspired Disney…and then see roughly 100 other spectacular castles!
  • Touch the Great Wall of China
  • See a concert at the 2,000 year old amphitheater in Lyon
  • Eat Belgian chocolate…in Belgium.
  • See wolves in the wild
  • Trail running holiday in Europe (esp. England, France or Italy)
  • Hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  • Learn how to make croissants and other pastries
  • Snorkel/dive in the Great Barrier Reef (or anywhere, really).
  • Get over my (irrational) fear of underwater shipwrecks and dive to one
  • Tour the White House (sadly, now impossible)
  • Learn conversational Spanish
  • Become fluent in Spanish
  • Learn conversational Russian as well!
  • Write AND publish: a travel guide, travel article[s], and/or travel photograph[s]!
  • Be granted a European passport!

6 thoughts on “Dream Experiences

  1. I’ve ridden a camel in Egypt and Tusnisia, have a European passport, visited the Louvre, saw Klimt’s kiss in Vienna, rode an overnight train with beds from Bologna to Frankurt, couchsurfed in London, ate frog legs and biked through tulips in the Netherlands! I’ve also had some travel articles published, but as a ghost writer so it doesn’t really count.

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