A Snowstorm in Poznan, Poland


Snow on the Orpheus Fountain, Poznan, Poland

One of the many statues dotting Poznan’s beautiful and colourful old market square is Orpheus, the ancient Greek myth known for his ability to charm anything–alive, dead, or inanimate–with his music. Well, I must say I believe his stories because he certainly charmed me. It was a cold, snowy day, It was still January, and everybody else had been smart enough to stay home. But not us–a €20 return ticket was too much to resist. Orpheus charmed me with Poznan’s beautiful square–painted so intricately, its magnificent town hall, its statues, its famous clock with the rams butting heads, its ancient churches, its snow-covered wonderland. Its honey beer, its pierogis, its cozy bars–yes, Poznan has won me over, snow and all.