Vieux Lyon, France


Lyon, France

It’s funny how, even in your own town, you seem to constantly stumble upon things that you’re not sure how or why they got there. Whether that be a new cafe, a funny little statue probably carved in the 16th century then promptly forgotten about and let to survive the elements, or a new public art display, it’s amazing what you find when you take to the streets. Take these streamers, for example. I won’t pretend to know what they’re for, or who thought it’d be the perfect idea to take people’s portraits, print them out on thin fabric, then string them together in order to attach them to buildings on a side street in the Vieux Lyon (old town). But someone did. And you know what? The street took on a new flavour. The goofy smiles and funny expressions provided character that is sometimes hard to find on this quiet, ancient street. The resemblance to little flags brought on images of the middle ages. The fact that none of this was explained created mystery and intrigue. It was–and still is–interesting. My point, in short, is that the best way to see the world is to wander. Put down the cell phone, hide the map in your pocket, and hit the streets–any streets. Explore a new place–even if it’s your own backyard.