Warsaw National Stadium, Poland

Warsaw stadium

Warsaw National Stadium, Poland

Whether you are a football fan or not, you have to admit that this is a pretty cool stadium. For one, it’s quirky, it’s funky, it’s colorful. Stadion Narodowy is even a tourist architectural attraction in of itself. Comprised of a weave of the Polish national colors, the new stadium was a way to shake up a little national pride for the country.  Even better, it was built for when Poland co-hosted the 2012 UEFA Euro championships – which instigated a city-wide campaign to “clean up” (or ‘fix up’) the city. Everything from metro stations to public squares to the river bank was improved, and by the time I arrived in mid 2012, the city was glistening. To this day, the city is lively, vibrant and beautiful – and during match days, it becomes even more lively than usual, so much so that supporters must leave the stadium and cross the bridge on foot!

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