Poznan, Poland


Poznan, Poland

You’ll find few urban city centres prettier than Poznan’s market square. Even during a snowstorm, Poznan’s vibrant colours are impossible to deter. A far cry from the grey, bleak country one generally attributes to Poland, Polish cities are vibrant, each building brightly painted, often embellished with patterns, designs, and images. Poznan’s public square is perhaps the best and brightest example of this. Heavily influenced by the Baroque movement, Poland’s outer borders were once regarded as the extent of Western influence in Europe, particularly regarding architecture. Polish architecture is a blatant mix of, well, most architectural styles that Europe has to offer, making places like Poznan some of the most beautiful towns to visit! These houses seem as if they stepped out of a Dr Seuss book or off a candyland board and adorn one of the prettiest market squares in all of Europe!

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